We would like to introduce ourselves.

KROPF Solutions is a medium-sized, owner-operated company and a reliable partner in the field of industrial automation, as well as for the processing and visualization of data.

With our headquarters in the upper Franconian town of Oberkotzau as well as 3 other locations in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, we have been able to establish ourselves as an HMI/SCADA expert even far beyond the borders of Europe. Our staff of more than 70 employees is successfully providing services to more than 100 renowned clients from the automobile, consumer goods, food and luxury foodstuffs as well as the systems engineering industry sectors.

Our modular and manufacturer-independent solutions provide our customers with the maximum degree of transparency for complex technical processes. For us, the “Thinking in Terms of Systems” approach and the interlinking with other system interfaces are key issues: to increase the efficiency and productivity as far as possible through a utilization of our services and products.

Our values

Our value-foundation at a glance.

To achieve best possible quality for our customers, we provide our services based on a solid foundation of values. Hereby, transparency, safety and efficiency are the most important aspects.



  • Leadership
  • Information policy
  • Market partners



  • The long-term
  • Quality
  • Partnership



  • Customer proximity
  • Employees
  • Performance process

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