We will unite us.

KROPF Solutions is a company which is active throughout Europe, but has its roots in Franconia. The active strengthening of Franconia as a business location is therefore a matter of the heart for us. We therefore don’t just adhere to our corporate responsibility by performing training company duties. We are also active in regional and international networks to strengthen our market position as well as the Franconia economic region.

Economic region Upper Franconia e.V.

The Wirtschaftsregion Hochfranken e.V. Association is the regional marketing agency for the districts of Hof and Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge region and the district-free city of Hof. The aim is the continuous development of the Upper Franconia regional brand and the boosting of the competitiveness of the region as an attractive living and economic region.

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Kunststoff-Netzwerk Franken e.V.

The Franconia plastic-manufacturer network has made its goal to pool the potentials and the distributed knowledge of the region, and to improve the innovation potential through an active cooperation and the exchange of experience. The companies will also have the opportunity to exchange technical knowledge, and to cooperatively find solutions to commonly shared problems.

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COPA-DATA Partner Community

The COPA-DATA partner community is an international network of certified specialists who are focused on providing a comprehensive customer service. The network is founded on long-term and sustainable business partnerships, which are based on mutual trust and a high degree of commitment.

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