Food & beverage

We ensure safety and speed.


The requirements in the food & beverage industry are highly diverse: the delivery of products must often be carried out immediately after a receipt of the order due to very short delivery cycles. And because of the very short possible storage times and shelf-life, the production and packaging processes demanded the full availability of speed, efficiency and flexibility.

KROPF Solutions helps manufacturers to avoid dependencies and limitations within their production processes, and through this attain an optimal productivity in a resource-conserving and fail-safe manner, while still strictly adhering to all applicable standards.

With our comprehensive know-how in the process control field, we are able to provide the maximum degree of flexibility and sustainability to our customers, because our solutions always have a key focus on independence and a trouble-free integration.

Our technical solutions provide an optimal degree of usability, which enables a productivity increase within a very short time, while significantly reducing costs at the same time.

  • Line management
  • Building automation
  • Energy management
  • Production data acquisition
  • Customer-specific software development
  • External access options (e.g. via Web-interface)
  • Access to database systems
  • Project planning and implementation, maintenance/service
  • Recipe systems
  • Batch process integration
  • Process control systems
  • Connection to ERP systems
  • Production control system
  • Training and service
  • Measuring and control technology