We offer standard and customized solutions.

image_dienstleistungKROPF Solutions is also a professional service provider for the data processing and visualization. Our range of services includes the entire service process – from the consulting and implementation, all the way up to the system expansion.

Based on the individual situation of each customer, we will analyze possible implementation options and requirements, to then create an offer for the respective software and hardware packages. And with the option to customize standard software in such a manner that it precisely corresponds to the wishes of our customers, KROPF Solutions can play an important role in facilitating interfaces between software vendors and the industrial production.


Based on the individual situation of the customer, we will analyze possible implementation options and requirements, to identify the best possible solutions.


We can consult you on regarding software package that is best suited for your application purpose, and also recommend the appropriate hardware components.


We are able to customize the software package to the specific customer needs, and carry out the implementation of the hard and software.

Further development

On request, we can provide support in the further development of the system, and carry out the integration of new components, license extensions, as well as the expansion of the system.

Reference example: in-house development for the conversion of a plastic mixing unit

The GEALAN Tanna Fenstersysteme GmbH was founded in 1992, and is one of the most modern production sites for window systems in Europe. The logistics centre of the company in Tanna has a covered storage area of 25,000 m². The Tanna mixing plant supplies the facilities of GEALAN Tanna Fenster-Systeme GmbH throughout Europe. A facility consisting of 4 different lines is utilized for the manufacturing of the plastic mixture, which is then used for the production of window profiles. The maximum capacity is 400 tons per day (average 200 tones per day). The fully automatic production is carried out 24/7.


  • The outdated software was replaced with zenon, and a specially developed zenon-based software solution was implemented for the processing of the job management (incl. database rebuild).
  • The visualization was also replaced by zenon (now with a multi monitor system), and the existing job management system was also replaced.
  • All changes were implemented during the ongoing operation.

Problem description:

  • The mixing plant was being controlled by an outdated software (visualization and job management)
  • The aim was to replace the outdated software, and to facilitate an easy operation
  • Since the high function density could be completely covered with the zenon basic modules, a customized individual solution was also developed.


Installation of new software components:

  • zenon features:
  • Visualization and the basis for the software development of KROPF Solutions
  • zenon modules:
  • Recipe Group Manager
  • Advanced trend
  • IMM
  • zenon SQL-Server
  • In-house development of customer-specific functions:
  • Illustration of the system configuration
  • Raw material management
  • Recipe management and archiving the recipes
  • Mixing program management
  • Job management and archiving of jobs
  • Consumption evaluation with connection to the existing ERP system
  • zenon is the foundation for this development, and thus all zenon basic functionalities included in the usage.
  • The software is a .net development, which is able to use the standard interfaces of zenon.
  • The programming was carried out in a scalable manner, so that a possible expansion of the mixing plant will not poses a problem.

Based on our comprehensive know-how and many years of experience with the zenon software, Kropf Solutions was able to make the user-friendly system fully usable, without allowing the functionality to be limited in any way. Through this it was possible to create a solution that was specially adapted to the customer’s requirements.