Building control technology

We ensure a good climate

Objective: Saving operating costs and improving health and safety at work with central control technology by zenon



Your advantages

  • Saving resources: Resources can be optimally used with the central control of all building functions (heating, ventilation, light distribution and electricity supply).
  • Cost-efficient production: Efficient buildings contribute towards a cost-efficient production.
  • Wide range of interfaces: Zenon offers you a wide range of drivers into the field level and a certified interface for existing SAP ERP systems.
  • Optimum production and working conditions: Operating costs can be minimised and health and safety at work as well as the comfort can be increased with building automation solutions.
  • Everything from one source: We offer you full-range solutions for the building automation.



Our service

  • Planning and implementing control stations
  • Planning, procurement, installation and inspection of all necessary system components
  • Installation and parameterising the zenon software according to requirements
  • Cooperation with planning offices
  • Conducting training and workshops