Transparent visualization

Transparent visualization

In the black parts painting of the AUDI AG, the first layer of paint is applied to the series parts manufactured customer-specifically and for the customer service. Here, the key focus is on the high availability and reliability, because the downstream production directly depends on a timely provision of all components to the further processing.

The black parts coating is a special coating process, which is characterized by a smooth and fine paint appearance. The fault tolerance is at an absolute minimum. In the cataphoresis, the black parts are protected against corrosion and the so-called surface corrosion, which is the creeping of rust underneath the coating. For the treatment, the workpieces are placed onto part-specific carrier assemblies, and pretreated in different baths for degreasing, cleaning, acid cleaning, activation and zinc phosphating with a dipping-process. The painting is also performed with a dipping-process. Hereby, the parts are coated through the cataphoresis. The workpiece acts as the cathode (negative pole), and the positive pole is generated by anodes made of a special material. The dipping-pool is grounded. Afterwards, the paint is bonded in a hot-air oven. These series parts are manufactured customer-specifically and for the customer service, and will be channeled directly to the assembly after the different dipping and drying processes.

More information and production security

The control systems in the painting plant were renewed to meet the increased requirements and to secure the future production. The objective was to gather and evaluate significantly more information from this painting process. At the same time, it was intended to make the visualization of the system more user-friendly, to enable the employees to use the system more intuitively.

zenon is always the right choice

The project managers of AUDI AG analyzed, compared and assessed various software tools. After various competitors were evaluated, a decision was made to implement zenon from COPA-DATA. zenon offered a clear economical advantage as well as the simplified technical feasibility. Through the implementation of zenon, AUDI AG now has an open system available that is platform-independent and allows the use of any hardware. More than 300 drivers guarantee the compatibility with all commercially available plc and fieldbus systems. Through this, the operator is completely independent, and also protects already performed investments.

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